Sessions Offered

Here are page links to all of Jon Terrell's Energy Healing private sessions.

Life Energy Clearing
My most popular session!  After a brief experience of Inner Light Meditation, we focus on sending inner light-fire into your body to clear out blocks to wellness that keep you off center and into patterns of stress and negativity. The first session includes a Life Energy Assessment (see below). For more information go to Life Energy Clearing Page.

For New York City details, including rates, go to New York City. For information about other areas, go to Contact page to send an email or call me.

Deep Tissue Healing
Our issues are often lodged deeply in the tissues of our bodies, especially in the nervous system. In this session I work with precision outer and inner techniques to free your neck, spine, hip and other body areas. This session goes well beyond tension relief and relaxation. Clients report my Deep Tissue Healing work can help with head, neck, back, hip and shoulder pain. It can be combined with an additional focus as mentioned in the Life Energy Clearing page. For more go to Deep Tissue Healing page.

Life Energy Assessment
This is offered in the first session and can be added to any future session. Would you like an objective evaluation of your life energy, your life force? Together we look at your body, energy centers (chakras) and energy field. We look at both the quality and quantity of your life energy.

I'll help you assess how well you are grounding into the earth, which centers are strong and which ones are weaker, what you are holding and how much of the past is still unconsciously affecting you.  After the evaluation, I teach you a specific Inner Light-Fire Meditation to immediately begin to transform these issues. Transform your life energy, your aura, and transform your life!

Chakra Balancing Massage
This session focuses on the chakras (energy centers) within your body. Each chakra, when purified,  is a place to access and express aspects of your deep Self. Your heart center, for example, can be a place for you to go to experience and express love. You can radiate this love out into your body for personal healing, and out in all your relationships to deepen your friendships and loving connections.

In this session we cleanse, awaken and balance your energy chakras to increase your capacity to love and be loved, to express good will and to be well. Go to
Chakra Balancing Massage.

Distance Energy Healing and Emotional Balancing
For those who cannot see me in person I offer distance energy healing. These sessions are a great way to help you release uncomfortable emotional, mental and physical problems. These sessions include a short 10 minute phone checking in, and then 20-50 minutes of inner work. You are given written instructions to follow during the innerwork time and afterward, which includes a guided Inner Light-Meditation. For more information, go to Distance Energy Healing Page.

Reiki is a type of energy healing originating in Japan, but connected to more ancient techniques from India, Tibet and China. Practitioners access life energy by connecting with their minds to inner symbols, and experiencing sensations of subtle vibration in their hands. They then channel that energy into and around clients' bodies. For more, go to Reiki Page.

CranioSacral Therapy
This is a very gentle form of healing that uses light pressure on the head and other parts of a person's body to bring about balance, relaxation and peace. It evokes the "Healer Within" and can be valuable to accelerate physical healing.

Inner Light-Fire Meditation
Learn to use your mind to focus "Inner Light-Fire" through your body.  I've been a  student and a guide of this unique form of meditation for over 35 years. It helps you clear out old conditioning that keeps you stuck. You learn to  tap into pure, limitless inner light/life energy within and channel this energy through your body to clear out the old patterns. Also known as Agni Yoga Meditation, this method was developed by Russell Paul Schofield who founded the School of Actualism. I was president of Actualism and I am a senior trainer of this approach to healing and awakening. For more information go to Agni Yoga Meditation.

Jon Terrell offers Massage, Bodywork and Energy Healing in two locations. His main office is at the Inner Light Center in downtown Northampton, Massachusetts (serving the Pioneer Valley). He also sees clients in New York City about once a month. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, reach him through the contact form.

For information on my Energy Healing and Emotional Healing Retreats, go to Retreats.