Skills of Energy Healing
And Awakening

By Jon Terrell, M.A., L.M.T.

Personal healing and spiritual awakening are interrelated. Pain, whether physical or emotional, can help free and open us.

My goal in this section is to demystify energy healing by providing you with information and techniques that you can immediately use and verify based on your experiences. This can be valuable for beginners seeking healing and experienced practitioners of healing arts.

Many of these same techniques can also transform your consciousness so that you become more alive, awake and conscious as a human being living in the world. I call these
Awakening practices.

You will learn the basic principles of how energy healing works and develop specific skills to practice. And much more than that--You will learn how to access the power of healing within yourself and others.

At the same time you will apply these skills to personal development.

Our thoughts can heal or hurt. We’ve all experiences hurt from others as well as healing. And we ourselves have done harm and good with our thoughts and actions that derive from those thoughts.

We know that the mind can be instrumental in healing, but few understand how this power of the mind can be harnessed. Are there certain skills that we can learn to increase our ability to heal and do good, not harm? To heal and to awaken?

The answer is Yes.

I’ll introduce you to a model of energy healing and spiritual awakening based on over 40 years of experience teaching and offering hands-on energy healing to thousands of clients.

I am indebted to my many
teachers, especially Russell and Carol Ann Schofield of the School of Actualism, who initially introduced me to the tools of Light-Fire Energy that I will in turn introduce to you.

Unraveling The Mystery

So many approaches to energy healing are wrapped in mystery. We are told to accept a certain way of doing things without question. We’re told “this is the way it is done.”

In my experience much of what is taught is not relevant to present day people, but was appropriate for past cultures. Symbols and language that make sense 2000 years ago in India, or 500 years ago in South America, are not that useful to us in the West in the 21st century.

We need a modern formulation of these teachings that is practical for us today. And we need a way to verify that it works for us.

I ask you to test out everything I recommend you to try. You don't want to take my word for it but
learn based on your own experience. At first your experience may be subtle, and your brain may get in the way. But as you practice you will find that a clarity and knowing develops that will guide you. This takes place as "the Teacher Wihin" awakens!

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