By Jon Terrell, M.A., L.M.T.

Allow Yourself 15-45 Minutes

First, find a place where you won’t be disturbed for a while. Sit in a chair or on a couch where you can have your spine straight and your feet touching the floor.

Take a minute to just relax your muscles and breathe deeply and slowly, in a relaxed manor. Focus your attention on your breath in present moment. Let your body and mind relax and be at ease. You may want to close your eyes, but if you get sleepy, please open them to help you stay alert.

Now focus your attention above your head at a point 6 inches directly above the top of your body. Here is an energy center or chakra known by various names. I like “The Upper Room.”

Here, outside your body, you can get in touch with the Presence of your higher self, your true nature as a being of love and Light. Magnify this Presence for a few moments, touching into the experience of spaciousness, openness, peace and joy.

As you continue to open to Presence, let Presence reveal to you an amazing gift. At the center of this Upper Room is a point of pure, rich, radiant Light. As you focus on it the Light grows, becoming your very own inner Star. Bring your attention to this Star, and it brightens more and more, as a power-filled source of pure clear white Light 3 inches in size. Just relax and experience your Star shining Light in all directions, effortlessly.

When you feel ready, think of the Star opening up and releasing a downpour of this bright Light downward into your whole body. Watch as it pours down through your head and neck and all the way down to your feet. Let your hands and feet relax and open so the healing Light continues downward into the earth.

After a minute or so, let your awareness join with the Light to amplify it. Move your attention with the Light slowly through your body, starting at the head. Experience the Light, which may also feel like Light-Fire, cleanse and purify your whole body-mind. Take as long as you like, from a short 2-3 minutes, to 30 minutes, cleansing your body and lifting up the consciousness of all your organs, all the "energy systems" that make up your body.

You may want to focus on a particular system such as your respiratory or nervous or digestive system. All these are energy systems that respond to the inner Light.

Now think of the soles of your feel closed to the downpour, and allow your body to slowly fill with the Light. Enjoy this sensation.

Let the Light flow outside of your body-mind, into the energy field all around you, into the room and beyond, cleansing your environment. You can make an amazing difference as you learn to bring Light into your home, and later work, by clearing out old stuck energy patterns.

Absorb the Light so you experience the full lifting of your vibration. When you are ready, you can open your eyes and slowly get up. Let the freedom and lightness continue as you move back into activity.

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For a guided audio version of this meditation, called The Star Introduction, and is 26 minutes long, click here:
Star Introduction 26min