Opening Chakras

I've worked with Chakras (energy centers in the body) for over 40 years. Over this time I've worked with hundreds of people to help cleanse, align and awaken their chakras and body systems.

I've also worked with a few people who have had painful, scary and very uncomfortable experiences when they tried to open their chakras without close supervision of an advanced meditator.

Open Chakras Or Awaken Them?
I prefer "Awakening" to "Opening." In fact, many people's chakras are too open!

They are open to other people's negativity, pain and depressed states. Have you ever been around someone really negative or depressed that has left you depleted? I have, and I've found that many times I've needed to cleanse myself afterward with Life Energy Meditation, including purifying and awakening the chakras that were affected. And I've found that over the years I have learned how not to pick up negative energy from others. Instead, I've learned to a source of energy and uplifted consciousness to others. And so can you!

People with serious mental health issues can have their chakras wide open to the world. It's like they are stuck on a really bad TV channel, that only sends out negative signals. Many so called healthy people also can get caught up in these channels!

For many of us there are ways out, and we have tools to shift our consciousness. For some its being outdoors in nature, for others in can be reading or listening to music. For others it's meditation or yoga.

Instead of opening our chakras we can purify and awaken them. In other words we can uplift their consciousness, lift up their vibratory rate so they function more according to their natural design. For more on chakras and their design as doorways into the divine go to What Are Chakras.

Benefits of Awakened Chakras
Each chakra (energy center in the body), when awakened offers a unique aspect of our True Nature. As the chakras are awakened, they can express this consciousness throughout our bodies. They express it as Life Energy into the energy systems of the body.

For example, the Heart Chakra, when awakened, supports healing and healthy relationships. It can function to uplift the consciousness of the heart to experience and express love, first through the blood, sending that message out to all your organs and cells, and then out to all your relationships. The consciousness and energy of healing and healthy relationships reaches out, benefiting you and your environment, transforming and healing everyone and everything, especially within the realm of your energy field, which can go out several feet in all directions. And that's the effect of just one cleansed chakra!

As chakras are purified and awakened, opening chakras takes on a whole new meaning. They open, first within to the divine source within you. That's the awakening. Then as they fill with the energy from source, and it overflows outward. That expression we can call opening chakras, but it's really the opposite of what many people teach. It's n outflow of Light, rather than an inflow to external influences.

(If you rely on someone else, even a spiritual teacher or guru to open you, you are following an old dependency model, getting help from outside ourselves, like a child depends on his/her mother for nourishment. As adults we can avoid all the problems of spiritual cults by learning to go within to source.)

Aligning Chakras
As your chakras are purified and awakened, which can be an ongoing project, they also need to coordinate with each other so all aspects of yourself work together. A fully awakened chakra has no problem doing this. But most of us also need to learn to align our chakras with each other. This can have huge benefits.

For example, many highly spiritual, good people, relate from just a part of themselves.

One person may have deep spiritual understanding, be wise and read complex esoteric or self help texts. Their head chakra would be highly developed, they're intelligent yes, but do they really have deep compassion and love, or just a degree of understanding? This person needs to align head and heart.

Or another person, with a highly evolved heart center, can love others fiercely, but is ashamed of his lack of clarity and mental confusion. He needs to align heart with head.

And a their person may have developed head and heart chakras but whose pelvic (sexual) chakras are not aligned. That can cause a host of problems!

If you would like to learn how to purify and awaken your chakras in a step-by-step manor, contact me about distance and in person classes.

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