Welcome to the Energy Healing Work

Of Jon Terrell, M.A.

When all aspects of ourselves are in balance--body, mind, and spirit--we naturally express our full potential as loving, creative human beings. We are more in touch with the light and love within us, and that can effortlessly radiate through all aspects of our lives.

Body-oriented practices such as Energy Healing, Massage and Bodywork are one way to bring us back to center. Meditation and spiritual practices are also valuable in this regard. This site focuses on energy healing practices and awakening practices, including working to purify and balance the chakras and a unique form of energy work/meditation with Inner Light-Fire.

When we are centered, we experience peace, balance, clarity of mind, and joy. Stress melts away, and solutions to problems effortlessly arise.

Each of us has a "healer within," that is our source for deep healing and renewal. Our work helps people connect with this part of themselves. The awakening practices help people awaken and balance all parts of themselves. And awakening practices can help us live more deeply from our center.

Developing Energy Healing Skills/Learning Tools For Awakening

Some people are born with a healing ability, or develop that gift by working through traumatic experiences. Healing, of ourselves and others, is a skill that can be taught and enhanced through specialized training.  I've had the good fortune to have extensively studied with several masters of energy healing and awakening. I have learned to work with a whole spectrum of life energies that support unfolding. To learn more about developing your abilities, go to The Skills of Energy Healing and Awakening pages.

Regularly scheduled energy healing sessions remind us of what being centered feels like, and can actually readjust our body's "set point" so we can return to center more quickly after experiencing life's challenges.
And, of course, regular massage and healing work can also make the journey more pleasurable and effortless!

Benefits of Star Energy Healing Sessions

  • sense of spaciousness, openness, peace
  • feeling balanced, centered
  • lightness and effortlessness
  • insight and understanding, mental clarity
  • increased energy & alertness
  • pain relief, ease
  • hopefulness
  • freedom

For more, go to Healing Sessions Offered pages. Also, see the specific pages for New York City and Northampton, MA.

Wellness is a state of mind that health and joy are possible in each moment. It's a journey into deeper levels of Presence
…into relaxation, creativity, and inspiration that are your natural gifts.

My wish is for you to experience all aspects of yourself harmoniously interrelating. Ordinary moments can become extraordinary, and where feeling "okay" becomes living life fully, even ecstatically.

Life Energy Clearing

Deep Tissue Healing

Chakra Balancing Massage

What Are Chakras?

Distance Energy Healing

Reiki and Reiki Healing Touch

Emotional Healing Retreats


Jon Terrell offers Energy Healing and Awakening Practices at the Inner Light Center in downtown Northampton, Massachusetts (serving the Pioneer Valley). He also sees clients in downtown Manhattan in New York City. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, reach him through the contact page.

Jon Terrell, M.A.,
Fitzwilly's Building
25 Main Street, Suite #342
Northampton, Massachusetts 01060

Or in Manhattan at
Jon Terrell at TRS
40 Exchange Place
New York, NY 10005

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